The prospective Clayton Valley Project is a proposed environmentally-friendly integrated lithium mining and lithium waste processing facility. Located in Esmerelda County, Nevada, Clayton Valley Project is proposed to be developed in two stages. The first stage proposes to pump lithium-rich brine to the surface where, using novel, green technology, lithium and other marketable salts would be extracted by a state-of-the-art processing facility and sent to market. The raffinate (i.e. the brine after the lithium is removed) would be pumped back underground, resulting a very efficient, clean ‘invisible mine’ process. The development, financing and construction of Stage 1 would be predicated on the economics of the successful development of the brine resource.

The second stage would be completed following successful commissioning of Stage 1, and would include increasing the throughput of the processing facility by the introduction of spent battery material and other lithium waste streams primarily sourced within the western USA. This strategy can be developed as either a service under long-term contract to top-tier clients or opportunistically as feedstock is strategically secured by the owner.